Advantage Marketing has experience with planning and placing ads across all forms of media. Whether it’s promoting an event on streaming radio, or grabbing the attention of travelers through a captivating billboard message, or maybe an airline magazine, we can take care of it for you. Our experience spans all platforms, and continues to expand as new opportunities become available. We are committed to each of our clients, and building a true partnership, resulting in the best strategy for success.



The Audio media landscape has changed in recent years, giving people numerous options for their listening needs.

• Traditional Radio will always remain even with an increase in audio platforms. People continue to enjoy their local news/weather/traffic, on-air personalities, and music, especially while commuting to and from work. Traditional radio stations allow for custom media schedules that may include live reads, longer format commercials, endorsements, feature and local event sponsorships, and more.

• Digital streaming / music platforms provide another opportunity to capture music listeners, but also allow us to layer in additional targeting. We can reach specific listeners by targeting based on narrowed age groups, gender, and by geography. Digital streaming typically includes a digital banner ad, providing a great opportunity for Call-To- Action, encouraging listeners to get more information with a click!

• Podcast Sponsorships are a great way to target a very niche audience. What better way to reach a target audience than to sponsor a podcast of a program very specific to their interests?


We have experience in placing ads in all type of print vehicles. Print ads give your audience something tangible to see, and gives them a chance to read through more information about your business, while reading through other information of interest.

• Newspaper: National, regional, hyper-local community papers
• Magazines: Business, lifestyle
• Airline In-Flight Magazines
• Direct Mail / Free Standing Inserts (FSI)


As with audio, advertising opportunities using video continues to expand.

• Network television and Cable offer the opportunity to reach an audience in a market based on programming. Stations and programs are recommended based on a target audience. Cable does allow the option to buy select zones if reaching the entire market is not ideal. This lets you focus on specific communities within the market.

• Video streaming platforms allow for additional audience targeting including age, geography, and genre. Video ads can also be used as pre-roll video in or within programming across multiple sites.


Outdoor advertising is a way to capture your audience while they are on the go. It can be a great avenue to stay top of mind with commuters and reinforce campaign messaging.

• Billboards: 20x60, 14x48, Digital Billboards, Street Level Posters
• Transit: Bus Posters, Full Wrap, Interior Cards, Rail Interior Cards, Platform advertising
• Airport: Target travelers in major airports throughout the country
• Taxi-Cab opportunities
• Elevator / Office Building Lobby advertising